7:32 PM

It was December when me and my friends: Kyle Vergara & James Conda decided to take some photoshoot! It was a totally fun and awesome experience having a photo session with these two! I admire how professional they can be when taking pictures and having their picture taken. Now that we're all going to college, it's sad that we will not see each other again for a long time especially James huhu. I'll probably still see and hang out with Kyle since we'll be studying in the same place but i'll seriously miss chillin' everyday with this nigga ugh. I just want to share my shots taken and edited by James! And thank you Kyle for helping me with those poses. I'm sorry if i failed on some photos. :( But still, hope you like it guys!

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  1. Great shoot!! Wish I have friends who I can do photoshoot with too :< =))) Anyw, love your blog! Followed you :) (and fanned you on LB too!)

    ♥ Erika
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    1. Wow thank you so much Erika! Love your blog too!