Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last Prom

So last night we had our Senior Prom, our last prom. It was an amazing night with my friends & teachers. It was kinda bitin but still it was an awesome night. I'm in love with prom since last year during my junior year. It's the night where you can just let yourself enjoy for a while and remove all the stress from school and all other problems. Here are some of my pictures before and after prom.

Hair by Jhossa Catajay & Make-up by Ting Celieto.
Well, i'm not the only one in the family who attended the prom last night. Here's a pic of me and my brother who's in junior year.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life in Color

So we had a creative/grad pic today! After the official photoshoot for it, me and my classmates shoot as well... for fun.

Sad how time flies so fast. It's like yesterday i was a freshman and now i'm graduating high school in two months. I will surely miss my friends, my teachers, the school, and high school itself. I chose colorful balloons because it symbolizes cheerfulness and happiness. My high school life is like that. It's fun and amazing but we have to let it go cause while we grow bigger, these balloons lose it's helium and becomes smaller  so we have to keep moving forward and grab new balloons and enjoy it. My high school balloons are awesome and in 2 months i have to let it go and grab my new balloons but no lies, i will surely miss it. I know that it's not perfect cause i had a lot of struggles until now but that's what makes it better, right? Those sad moments made us find the happy moments of life cause there would be no rainbow without a little rain..

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dinner at a Cruise

This is a very late post. I was really busy with school and was too lazy & tired to blog. But now i'm gonna blog about it cause i finally have a time to do so.

Last October 15 we went to a Dinner Cruise in front of PICC. It was actually an awesome experience! October 16 is my bro's birthday so it was actually a celebration for his birthday. 

While waiting, we decided to take some pics first. Take a pic of the place and my outfit!
Here are some of my outfit takes & the cruise that we went to.

              Forever 21 Pullover | djourshop Skirt | Technomarine Watch | H&M Bag | Payless Flats                                         

  It was an amazing experience. It just feels good being at the cruise while eating your food. After eating, just go look at the lights that are coming from the building. You can see the biggest ferris wheel over there and you can just so the big building in Manila. I love it here so much because it feels so relaxing looking at it and enjoying the wind. That night was an awesome night and i hope that my brother enjoyed it too since its for him. Hope to come here again cause it really felt good just to look at the whole Manila while sailing in a cruise. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Finally after working on different projects, studying for exams, practice for performances, doing a lot school works & etc. It's finally Sembreak! one week of relaxation and stress free life! Wish it's longer but because of the several class suspensions due to typhoons that happened in our country, sembreak extension is impossible. 

I'm actually thinking of the different things that I should do to make my sembreak fun and relaxing
Here are some of my ideas:
1. First will be sleeping of course. I just wanna sleep and relax since i was really stress with school works and i think i just deserve a lot of SLEEEEEEP. I just miss lying in my bed when its already 11 am and just rest your body and mind.
2. So i'll be attending hip hop dance class next week and i'm pretty excited. Dancing is never my passion but i really wanna try it cause it looks fun and worth the try. 
3. Sell Clothes. I'm actually selling clothes online! Visit my shop in instagram @weareinfiniteph / Please visit and feel free to browse and order!
4. This will be my always favorite thing to do. Just chill, write a song, and play the guitar. This always makes me feel good. I will surely do this since i need to relax and just let the feelings out! 
5.Read. I love reading and i will probably read during the break. Thank God for free eBooks that i get from the internet. 
6. Watch HIYM episodes. I'm so in love with this series and I regret not watching this last summer cause this is really a worth watching show and never a waste of time!
You can't live without them | via Tumblr
7. Yoga. I will also attend a yoga class next week for a better mind and better body.
8. Eat more. Who doesn't love eating? Seriously i'll eat a lot this break since there's no time limit in eating anymore.
9. Attend halloween.I really want to attend halloween and just dress up to a scary costume. Fortunately, there will be a halloween party in our village and i'm really willing to come and get ready for trick or treat.
Happy Halloween..!
10. Photoshoot. I just wanna have a lot of shoot with my best clothes and just blog it here.
girl | via Facebook - inspiring picture on 

I wish I could enjoy this sembreak and do these things. I wish this sembreak would be an amazing break for us all and i hope that it will be a time where we relax, do new things, move on, and just enjoy. Hoping for more fun things to do! Enjoy the break! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Denim On A Brick Wall


  Finally, a new outfit post! Long time no post! Was really busy with school stuffs and with selling clothes so sorry for not updating for so long. But finally. decided to take some pics of my outfit again last Sunday! 

                       Terranova  Denim Top  | F-101 Skater Skirt | Payless  Shoes | Technomarine Watch

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Pink Flash

                      Next Tank top / Forever 21 Bandage Skirt / Payless Shoes / Tomato Accessories

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