Hues and Chill

11:57 AM

My heart was filled with astonishment when the parky weather started this February. I thought it would never happen because, in the Philippines, the cold usually hits in late December or early January.  When I opened my closet, a turtleneck charmed me once again and I wondered “Why not?” I should probably seize this chilly weather as much as I can before summer comes. With my desire to embrace and take advantage of the weather, I paired the turtleneck with a black skirt and black boots, complemented with a denim jacket.

 After planning my outfit, I had no idea where to shoot and what peg I should achieve for the photos. All I wanted was a plain or simple background so that the photos could be Instagram friendly. Suddenly, my friend and I saw a small pink wall with a leafy situation at the bottom. We decided to shoot there, as it was a perfect backdrop. I've never loved pink that much. If you knew me and my style, a colorless palette is my soul mate. Yet, the beauty of the color pink made me want more shades and hues, so we took to a red wall with a gray accent as well. Besides, it gave a Valentine’s Day vibe to the photos, which is perfect because heart’s day is tomorrow! After several clicks on the shutter, we easily achieved the shots we wanted, the greatest feeling after a tiring day.

Happy Valentine's! xo

Photos by: Coley Silva

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  1. I really like this look, very nice denim jacket

  2. I love everything about this look. The hairstyle, the outfit and the sunglasses are so great on you !! :*
    Blue Ducklings

  3. You look amazing)
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. cool outfit! <3

  5. love this outfit! the zipper on the skirt is adorable!