Can you feel it?

8:18 PM

When deciding where to shoot, I always opt for buildings rather than trees. My love for skyscrapers and fast-paced life is limitless. I like to keep myself busy once in a while because my heart always craves for something to do since slow progress makes me pensive. These past few weeks, I took as much opportunity and chances as I can and I swear, it was exciting. However, these past few weeks became one of my most exhausting ones as well. My heart and mind arises as something goes along, but I felt my body and soul slowly giving up on me and that's when I realized that gaah, I really need some rest and a peace of mind. All of a sudden, my soul craves for serenity. I guess that affected my mood in the photos above. The aura of the nature and the outfit that I wore reflects my craving for calmness. And as I close my eyes, I feel better.

Photos by: James Conda

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