The Perks of Being Petite

7:58 PM

Here's a post that I've always wanted to articulate but I just could't find a way to write it. Being petite is fun and a little annoying at the same time. Fun because people find us cute (lol) and annoying because people always thought I'm twelve years old when I'm actually 17 years old already! As I grew up loving fashion and blogging my looks, I realized that some outfit of mine just not go well with my figure since I'm a short kiddo over here so I researched  about how to nail my blog post with trendy clothes that fits me well. I'm gonna list some things that I learned. Here are some some struggles that petite girls usually encounter and some guides on how to look taller.

1. 'Freesize' shirts are oversized shirts to you.
- Bazaars give the trendiest clothes all the time and I love shopping at bazaars. And also, online shops are very much my best friend. Since I always want to buy new clothes but broke most of the time, Bazaars & online shops always give me hope to shop my ideal clothes for cheaper price. My main problem with clothes in the bazaars and online shops is that whenever I buy, the size will always be 'freesize'  which is actually easier but once looking at myself wearing a 'freesize' clothing, it always looks loose to me and I look thinner than I usually (like that's possible lol). It looks like an oversized tee to me so as much possible, I try to be picky with what I buy online. I always prefer those shops that give more sizes. And one thing that I learned is that if I'm going to buy 'freesize' I should choose fitted clothing rather than hanging tops and loose shirts that will just highlight how too skinny and short I am.

2. Skinny pants and high-waisted shorts are your bestfriends.
- Skinny jeans are my best friends since grade school. They never go out of style since it's classic and like what they said, it was made for us petite girls. Skinny pants highlight the shape of your legs and it looks longer than usual. Same thing with high-waisted pants/shorts. It is flattering how it makes you look like you have a longer torso and gives that 'you look taller' effect.

3. Monochrome is the key.
- I go monochrome most of the time since it gives that illusion of height and elongates your silhouette. And as much as possible, I refrain from wearing too colorful clothing since it breaks up the vertical line of your silhouette. Go for neutrals, black, and white.
4. Heels are worth it.
- I know that it's not the comfiest shoes that a girl can wear but most of us women still tries to use heels since it really helps adding some some height on our miniature size. One inch is enough as long as you can wear it well but as much as possible I try going for higher ones since I really want to look and be taller than I usually am. If stilletos and pumps are killing you so bad then go to my two bestfriends, boots with heels and wedges!

5.  Less is more.
- Avoid clothes with lots and lots of designs like ruffles, rumple, and etc since too much design adds size which can make us look shorter and heavier.. Plain with a little accessories and minimal design is enough since it give the neat, clean, and classy look that is perfect with out petite size.

6. Right angle & confidence.
- My friends always tell me that I look taller in my blog photos. It's all about wearing the right clothes and taking the right angle as well. I am no photographer but my brother and I figure it all out as we take photos all the time. And also, my friend who owns a shop told me about it as well. As much as possible, position yourself low down as you take photos. If you want to look taller in person wear the right clothes, heels, and confidence!

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