9:29 PM

It has been months since I last posted and I can't lie that I missed blogging very much. I've been busy with my shopataraxia.com and with my internship at icaserafica.com lately. There are a bunch of things going on right now and I feel nothing but grateful. Holiday came in today, so me and my friend, Sam from editsbyredeye.com collaborated for a fun shoot at Intramuros earlier. It was a fun adventure and the vintage/classic style of the place is totally inspiring.We had two outfits for the shoot featuring an all white outfit that gives a minimalist vibe and another is a black and white look that gives a very cool street style vibe.

 ShopCopper top, ShopAtaraxia skort, H&M bag; Styled by: EditsbyRedeye

Sunnies by Charlie sunglasses, Forever 21 top, Djourshop skirt, Zalora shoes; Styled by: EditsbyRedeye

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