7:20 PM

As Feng Shui experts said, blue is the lucky color for this year. Hence, here I am walking in 2016 with an outfit post that features this year's lucky color. Candidly, I'm not a big fan of Feng Shui but every new year, there are so many news about what's lucky and not. I swear it's hard to ignore the lucky color when people in social media are gearing up with blue shirts plus when you search, "Feng Shui 2016"... The article "Blue is the alucky color" is in the headline.

Now let's head on the outfit! Well, don't you just love how turtleneck can give that sophisticated look when you're just supposed to create a casual wear look? The shoes gave a sporty vibe that supported the outfit and I'm elated with the outcome.

Happy New Year folks! Have a blessed 2016!

Photos by: Nicole Silva & Alfred Villanueva

Topshop turtleneck shirt, Forever 21 leather skirt and accessories, Nike flyknit sneakers

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