Dinner at a Cruise

6:48 PM

This is a very late post. I was really busy with school and was too lazy & tired to blog. But now i'm gonna blog about it cause i finally have a time to do so.

Last October 15 we went to a Dinner Cruise in front of PICC. It was actually an awesome experience! October 16 is my bro's birthday so it was actually a celebration for his birthday. 

While waiting, we decided to take some pics first. Take a pic of the place and my outfit!
Here are some of my outfit takes & the cruise that we went to.

              Forever 21 Pullover | djourshop Skirt | Technomarine Watch | H&M Bag | Payless Flats                                         

  It was an amazing experience. It just feels good being at the cruise while eating your food. After eating, just go look at the lights that are coming from the building. You can see the biggest ferris wheel over there and you can just so the big building in Manila. I love it here so much because it feels so relaxing looking at it and enjoying the wind. That night was an awesome night and i hope that my brother enjoyed it too since its for him. Hope to come here again cause it really felt good just to look at the whole Manila while sailing in a cruise. 

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  1. u look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  2. Great cruise trip! Love the look as well! Happy Birthday to your brother <3

    Blog: The Sassy Theory