Life in Color

5:06 PM

So we had a creative/grad pic today! After the official photoshoot for it, me and my classmates shoot as well... for fun.

Sad how time flies so fast. It's like yesterday i was a freshman and now i'm graduating high school in two months. I will surely miss my friends, my teachers, the school, and high school itself. I chose colorful balloons because it symbolizes cheerfulness and happiness. My high school life is like that. It's fun and amazing but we have to let it go cause while we grow bigger, these balloons lose it's helium and becomes smaller  so we have to keep moving forward and grab new balloons and enjoy it. My high school balloons are awesome and in 2 months i have to let it go and grab my new balloons but no lies, i will surely miss it. I know that it's not perfect cause i had a lot of struggles until now but that's what makes it better, right? Those sad moments made us find the happy moments of life cause there would be no rainbow without a little rain..

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