Caught Up

6:48 PM


The net caught my attention when me and my brother were looking for a place to shoot yesterday when we attended my cousin's seventh birthday. I fell in love with the lighting that made the photos look perfect. You were all right guys, it's better shooting at dawn! I'm so surprised that even if it was gloomy, it turned out pretty well.

We were caught up in the rain after shooting. The birthday party was in an open space and so the tables, chairs, and all of us, visitors were wet. We immediately ran towards the big tent where the foods were served in buffet. Everyone stayed there and wait for the rain to stop. But the rain didn't stop for long and all of us in the tent were laughing for the crazy experience. My dad is in the car while we're with my mom at the tent. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing towards us. The tent feels like it's going to fall to us so my mom decided that we should just go to the car and stay there for a while. She borrowed an umbrella to my uncle and gave it to us. We ran towards the car with umbrella, but we still got really wet. My hair is filled with water and it looks like I just showered. But in the car, we just laughed. It's a crazy birthday party for a seven years old, but one of the most memorable one!

      Suite Sixteen halter top and choker, Cotton On denim shorts and sneakers

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  1. Great look, you look fresh and lovely ;)



  2. Love it ^_^



  3. You look adorable, totally loving your minimalist 90s vibe.

    xx Hélène

  4. You look amazing, seriously! Love everything about this look, specially the halter neck, looks so great on you!

    Loved your blog, would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know when you do! xx

  5. I love this causal 90's look! You look great.

  6. rad fit, love the 90s vibes of the top and choker.