Black Lady

6:43 PM

Finally, after two weeks here goes a new post featuring my new hair and another all black outfit! I fell in love with the leather and spandex combination. The two goes well together. I was brainstorming last night on what to wear for today but I ran out of ideas so I went to my closet and checked my clothes out. I figured out that I ran out of ideas because I had no new clothes!! But then I thought dressing up is not only about using new clothes. It’s actually like a game where you go to your closet and look for any clothes you like and challenge yourself on how to style it and how to make it unique and in-style! And so that outfit comes into my head and I’m happy with how it looks! It is totally a classy and sophisticated look!

          Forever 21 leather top, shoes, & bag, Djourshop skater skirt, Terranova necklace 

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  1. Love your dress. Looking lovely!

    Check out my blog .
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know when you do so that I can follow you back :)
    Love Avisha