Rad Adidas

7:07 PM

At last, finals week is done and Christmas break started last week. I was going to post two new outfits for this week but then I wasn’t satisfied with our shoot earlier so here’s my Rad Basic Adidas look we shot yesterday. I’ve been drooling over IG shops for basic tees like this. I decided to pair my Adidas tee with my fave denim high waist shorts that I really do love since it makes me look taller. I also used my combat boots + chokers to make it look more chic! Christmas is definitely my most awaited event of the year (next to my bday) and I’m elated with the idea that it will come in four days!! Because of my excitement, I decided to wear sweater, skirt, & boots with socks earlier that are just perfect for the Christmas breeze. I was supposed to post it but then I realized I look ugly with those photos so nevermind but you can check my OOTD on my Instagram: @chrisseanmae. You can see the outfit without my face there! LOL. I’m super thrilled with the gift giving, greetings, celebration, and of course Noche Buena (Christmas foods)! *lamon ng pasko* LOL. Are you excited for Christmas season? Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holiday!

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