Black is the new black

2:59 PM

I realized that I've been wearing too much black since the first day of January. I can still hear my mom say, "Are you going to a funeral?" which annoyed me a little but laughed after because I know she's just teasing and it kinda makes sense. But I just feel that you can never go wrong with black cause it is simply blasé in style. January breeze keeps on making me want to wear jacket everyday so I decided to come up with this look. My favorite leather top shows up again with my plaid legging. I have to admit that the sunnies gave a big contribution with the outfit as well.

Oh and did you notice the new layout? I hope you like it as much as I do. I also changed the blog title into my original and old title because I first of all, I miss it. It is also way shorter! I decided to change it all cause you know.. new year, new look! How's your new year going, guys? Hope ya'll have a great 2015 ahead and more blessing to come!

Forever 21 top and leggings, Rubi shoes

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