Monochromatic feels

5:37 PM

Two days ago, I went out with my best friend to watch  a movie. I didn't think about what to to wear that time so I just put on whatever it is that I could use. I wasn't proud of myself for what I've done since I didn't like what I wore that day. And I swear, I was really disappointed with myself for choosing the wrong shoes. My friend asked me why am I so concerned about the shoes that I'm wearing and then I realized that there's nothing wrong with the shoes. It's just me being used to black and white shoes. Was wearing a purple floral sneakers which is something I'm not used to. Lately, I've been so obsessed with monochromatic look that I can't look at myself wearing other pieces. I know that it is something I should work on because as a blogger, I should explore more style and fashion. But as a blogger, I should also bring up my own original style that I feel like wearing and I guess that's what keeps me wearing mono pieces. A monochrome look like those photos above. Nevertheless, I could still explore more looks in the future. Maybe next week or next month but right now, I'm feeling Mono!

SM GTW top, H&M skirt, Scene Stealer sandals

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