Something Comfy + ClothApp

11:12 AM

Here's a quick post since I haven't posted for a few weeks already and because I still have exams tomorrow so need to review (Wish me luck!). So here's a really comfy outfit I wore yesterday at my birthday celebration with my family. Only had few photos since it was raining so hard cause of "Ruby" typhoon. I should've just stayed at home since there's a typhoon and it's a bit dangerous but nahh, Ruby can't ruin our plans!! Now that I'm 17, I still feel like a seven year old goofing around and my face still look a thirteen year old (baby face forever huhu). Wearing a black sweater that feels so good with the weather so it's really comfy! I know the shorts doesn't fit the weather but it's just.... I'm so tired of wearing pants because I wear pants to school everyday! And also, shorts will always be my "comfy" wear no matter what! 

Forever 21 sweater, Cotton On shorts, Rubi shoes

And also, please check my interview for ClothApp: to know more about me and my style. You can download the app as well on AppStore to see my looks! You can also share your look there and categorize your outfit by weather. It's a really convenient app to use for your OOTDs so check them out!

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